International Trip


A key differentiator for The Asia Accelerator is our trip to Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Each cohort travels to the Valley for a week of scheduled activities and most founders stay for at least one week extra for follow up meetings

Immersing yourself in the world’s top startup city is a game changing experience that helps our founders make important global connections, learn how to move faster and gain perspective from the world’s most successful startup influencers.

Here’s a sample of activities from past trips:

► Pitch at 500 Startups to the General Partners

► Pitch at Silicon Valley Bank to SVB partners and network connections

► 2 hours with the General Partner of Polaris Ventures $5 billion VC fund) and previous CEO of oDesk, Gary Swart

► 2 hours with the Director of Stanford’s School of Entrepreneurship

► Panel of Silicon Valley Angels @ Block 71, San Francisco

► Private session with Uber’s Director of Product

► Founder communication workshop with Innerspace

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